Gosh, ok. Her it is! On the suggestion of some of my clients and now dear friends, I have finally compiled a few before and after photos to give you an idea of what I get up to in my crazy day. Some of you unsuspecting homeowners, never really understood the whirlwind we create in the short, 2 week window starting once you say "Ok" and I say, "Hand 'em over! And with key in hand comes the excitement and the rush of yet another transformation. All the houses on this site are homes of those now friends who have endured my TEAM INVASION and of course my good ol' country music (Yes this is a must if I am in your house from 8:00am til whenever we finish. Country torture aside, I know that each of these friends would say "It was well worth it.", particularly on day of sale. The value to me though comes on many levels. Of course the priority is to sell high and quick; that's a given! But I also have created a network of people who will refer me which I am so very grateful for. And so should you! They are the ones who have saved you from another untimely cold call or door knock when you just finished getting the little one down to sleep or just got home from a long day's work and was just about to enjoy some deserved ME time when Guess what? See, so because of my great referral base, I don't spend time on your doorstep selling myself, I spend time in your home making the magic for selling your house.

I absolutely love what I do and as I go through these photos I remember some of the great laughs had by all, very often at my Newfie blunders I must admit. Because of the time I spend "in your place/face"; I really get to know my clients and they learn quite a bit about me. Yes I tend to talk; alot if you hadn't noticed. Well what else are you going to do when you are painting yet another room in breyge (go past this word as it will be explained later). And that's why I can truly say clients become my friends.

The projects vary significantly, from the simple staging to some pretty major reno's. But no matter which, on day of LIST I watch my home go out like a proud mother at the debutante ball full of anticipation as I watch how people react to the newly transformed lady.

I hope you enjoy!

Master SWEET Conversion

A full bathroom rip out and install ; converted a separated vanity and closet to a walk through closet and redecorated the bedroom and the private sunroom. This was really a flippin' reno not a simple stage. The star of the show is the double vanity which was a quality dream piece bureau picked up at RESTORE for $125. A few simple cutouts, custom granite top and a respray converted it into a custom 81inch vanity for under $2,000.00. In the closet we started with moving the attic access to another bedroom so it wouldn't impose on the look of the walkthrough closet. We brought the bedroom tiles into the closet, where we removed the vanity and took out the dividing wall to the small closet to make a stunning 9x10 room full of built in cabinetry. Quotes for new installs started at $8,000 up to $18,000. This higher end, second hand closet system - Kijiji $2,250 - WOWZA! The gem of the bedroom is this beautiful brass bed frame found on Kijiji $400.00! Knowing when to keep and when to through away is crucial when on a budget. This wicker set looked dated but with a respray in black fox grey and reupholstering the cushions in a seashell print made all the difference. Top it all off with some sweet accent pieces, a lick of oyster gray paint and this 4 room conversion went from blah-zeh to Wa-hey for just $28,000.00.

School Marm to Sophisticated Charm

BEFORE Too many rugs covering the floors with random placed furniture and pictures gives imbalance to this room. And lets just say the bedding did not make me want to cozy up under the covers with a book.

AFTER Now we can see more of the rich flooring. The pairing of pictures over the bed and matching end tables and lamps gives balance to the room. The fresh white linens compliment the green hue to the walls. Of course no master bed is complete without pillows pillows and more pillows which in this case cover the dated headboard and of course lets get rid of the long skirt and wear a mini. Est Voila on to 50 shades of grey chapter 3!

BEFORE This home was in a first time home buyers price point. But dated country style, held up by pink carpet and wrapped in a drab yellow was not likely to attract that young buyer. (Boy if I had time though I would have chalked the heck out of that furniture and created a modern French Country)

AFTER Instead we put in a neutral breyge (this one's not a spelling error, it's my new word for beige and grey) carpet and wall coloring. Added glass top table and reflective decor. Heightened the window with soft sheers allowing the sunshine to highlight the RESTORE find of the day, this beautiful light fixture. Going from dated country to sheer sophistication.

BEFORE Too many insignificant little pieces and one big sofa. Nothing relates in size or scale. You can say its an eclectic blend. Not!

AFTER Neutral color palate with a pop of red along with new grey carpet and light window treatments makes this space balanced, interesting and inviting. You can't quite see but we closed over a window from the kitchen which now has the TV stand on it. Don't say it! Why would I cover over the one modern feature? Check out the kitchen below and maybe you will agree...sometimes sacrificing the one good feature in a room is ok for the right reason. I hope you agree.

BEFORE I won't rip it out unless the kitchen itself is falling off the walls. This kitchen had its day and its condition would have significantly reduced our buyer pool. When this client handed over the key she gave us free reign to do as we needed throughout her space and a limited budget to do it in.

AFTER So yes the window wall is gone but look what has replaced it - custom oak stained wall to wall cabinetry and appliances. We put in new flooring and opened up the doorway, though only slightly it does open out the kitchen into the dining room. And what a RESTORE find! We installed this, new to client, kitchen in 4 days. So all the cabinetry with stainless steel appliances including Wallmount Oven, Euro hood range, Bosch dishwasher, double sink and new countertop all costing this client a whopping $2500.00 but it increased her sale price by $30,000.00. The pictures above are the conversion of the rest of her house. Smart choice by the seller to allow us to renovate the whole of the main floor for just $12,000.00. That decision gave her an additional $67,000.00 on sale date.

What Master Suite?

BEFORE This was a dated bathroom with the vanity walled off from the rest of the master ensuite but exposed to the bedroom? And not enough room between the gargantuan corner tub, dark closed in corner cabinet and toilet to swing a cat. Not something a purchaser is going to swoon over.

AFTER Ssssooooo for sure we removed the wall at the toilet and put the doorway before the vanity rather then after turning a divided bathroom into a large L shape; more conducive to a master bathroom. Of course some great finds at the RESTORE like 24x24 marble tiles, free standing tub and chandelier, along with some modern fixtures has turned this dysfunctional, uninspiring bathroom into a spa like retreat. We worked on the remainder of the house as well but sadly no before pics to show. I will say though that I scored a chandelier for their open to above entryway at the RESTORE for $125.00 which retailed at $3,500.00. Love it!. With thrifty shopping for my clients they managed to turn a $15,000.00 reno into a $72,000.00 profit. Well worth it for my clients!


BEFORE This home was built in 1959 and so was everything in it. No upgrades at all. In fact, to give you an idea of what were were up against, the plug for the dishwasher was drilled up through the counter and a quasi plug was put on so it could install in the wall. Yikes! On the market as such it would have bled money, cause lets be real 90% of the buyers that say they don't mind a fixer upper don't actually want a fixer upper.

AFTER Exposing the original hardwood, opening a window wall between kitchen and dining, giving the cupboards a facelift with a new countertop and painting the whole house in one neutral color we saw the beginning of something special. Then with some tasteful lighting and modern furniture this became a must see home for buyers blowing out recent sales on that street by $70,000 over the best comparable. And the cost to client? $11,000.00.

NICE but Not Nice Enough

BEFORE So I said before I would not rip out a kitchen less it was falling out. So some would say, why would you have changed this kitchen? Though a newer home, this property was among some very high end properties and it was the homeowners who felt it needed some BLING. And of course this young couple were also submerged in that beautiful but hectic baby stage with a 3 year old boy and newborn. God bless 'em they were busy.

AFTER To start we sprayed the kitchen cupboards and installed a jet black granite countertop. Scored at the RESTORE with mosaic tiles and goose neck faucet which added that additional bit of Bling. Switched out the tall backed chairs to leather, below counter stools found at the RESTORE, and this kitchen was now up to par with its upscale neighbours. Of course I love working with my clients to help declutter and stage, getting rid of the "nursery" look to a 'grown up' room. My clients loved the inexpensive facelift particularly when they got competing offers which blew our list price away. Cha ching!

BEFORE Sure I love multipurpose rooms but this office, futon thing: Well just no nothing to speak of really and that's the problem.

AFTER Its just a spare bedroom but it still needed some function. It took 15 minutes to transform back into a simple bedroom.

I feel this one is almost like that game I used to play growing up where you had to find the differences in each photo. I'll start! Plant/Tissue Box. Seriously sometimes its just subtle changes that will make a big difference. The mirror instead of the ornate wall clock reflected in the entranceway so it opened up the space. It doesn't always have to be drastic just effective.

Just because its a basement doesn't mean it doesn't need some attention. After backing up a 24ft truck to decorate the main floor and second floor, we had little left over for the basement. Where the heck did all these sofa's come from? But just shifting things around to create walkways and getting rid of the excess sofa's and exercise equipment (who wants to be reminded that have to get on one of those things when they get home) changed the way this basement played out.

This was a university rental with 5 lovely young lads as student tenants. 'Nough said?